You can buy this 18-carat gold mini PC… for $1 million PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Sunday, 30 July 2017 14:44

Swiss company Prime Computer offers a line of small, fanless desktop computers that are basically modified versions of Intel’s NUC mini PCs. Priced at 1,099 Swiss Franks ($1135) and up, they’re not exactly cheap. But now the company is offering something really special (and expensive): a computer covered in 18-carat gold. It’s a limited-edition model that will sell for $1 million. And it’ll probably be a solid gold doorstop eventually, since there’s no easy way to upgrade the processor on this type of computer. I guess the good news is that the 7 kilograms (about 15 pounds) of gold used in the case will probably hold its value even as the PC’s specs start to look dated. The little computer does offer some decent specs: it has an Intel Core i5 processor and supports up to 32GB of RAM and up to 5 terabytes of solid state storage. It comes with Windows 10 Pro or Linux-based software. And if a gold-encrusted PC isn’t extravagant enough for you, there’s also an option to cover the power button with a precious stone. Clearly, the limited edition Prime Computer computer with a gold case is a luxury item for folks who’d rather spend $1 million too much on a PC than find something better to do with their money. But as FanlessTech notes, there is one (kind of) practical benefit to using gold: it’s a durable material that conducts heat pretty well, so it should be at least as effective as aluminum in helping dissipate heat in this fanless computer.