Bluetooth 5 is coming, will be faster, support longer range PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wayne   
Thursday, 09 June 2016 20:07

Last year the Bluetooth Special Interest Group announced that the next generation of its wireless data transmission standard would be faster and work over greater distances, all without increasing power consumption. Now we have a name for that next-gen technology: Bluetooth 5. The Bluetooth SIG says the official announcement is coming on June 16th. Bluetooth 5 is expected to be up to four times faster than Bluetooth 4.x Low Energy, while the range is said to be doubled. The increased range might not matter much if you’re trying to connect a wireless mouse or keyboard to your computer, or wireless headphones or a smartwatch to your phone. But it means you could transmit sound to a Bluetooth speaker from much further away… and it have other applications. For example, Bluetooth 5 could be used to connect smart home products to one another or to a hub or gateway. And Bluetooth beacons would be able to more easily deliver location-based information to users as they travel through stores, museums, or streets. source:liliputing