Essential really wants to solve the screen notch problem PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 11 March 2018 23:51
essential phoneIn a way, Essential is something of a pioneer. Before the iPhone X helped the world reluctantly embrace the screen notch, the company proudly displayed one atop its first flagship. Since then, of course, it’s become a feature, not a bug, with a long list of companies rushing to embrace it on their latest flagship. But Essential’s clearly hoping to solve the issue with a number of patents looking to stick a camera directly behind the display. The Andy Rubin-founded company has been on quite a patent run in recent months — but the ones pertaining to a “camera integrated into a display” are the most compelling of the lot. And if it comes to fruition, it could breathe new life into the company’s upcoming handsets after an admittedly slow start. The patent describes a multi-layered display with camera in which a “substantially transparent region allows light from outside to reach the camera to record an image.” The patent points to a potential application in which the camera is mounted behind the LCD. In the imagery accompanying the post, the camera is positioned in its customary spot up top — you know, where the notch should be. In another iteration of the same idea, the camera is located behind the screen’s color layer and “records the light from the outside colored by the color filter layer.” There's more on this posted on OUR FORUM.